Based in Baydon, Wiltshire, OXCampers is a family run business born through wanting to share our love and passion for travelling the country in a VW Camper with others.

My wife, Kyja, and I were introduced to the VW camper scene through our good friends Pete and Suzie, and their van Girtie, back in June 2009. Having both been brought up on camping and boating holidays, we decided that buying a camper was the next step for us and our 2 dogs, Ebony and Jasper. So, 5 months later and weeks of searching the internet, we made our way down to Bridgewater to pick up our very own camper. This camper has taken us on some fantastic trips around the country and has done so in comfort and style.

Our daughter Phoebe came along in August 2010 and was introduced to camping, at only 1 month old, with a trip to the New Forest. The wonderful thing about having a camper is that no matter how young or old you or your children are it caters for everyone. Unlike camping in a tent you’re not exposed to the elements and can easily drive away from your pitch and carry on your road trip without having to spend hours strategically packing everything into the back of your car.

Fast forward to autumn 2011 and we decided to start up our own business hiring and converting camper vans. We purchased another empty van, Fistral, and spent the winter converting him ready for hiring in spring 2012. We had a fantastic first season and, as well as the arrival of our son Jayden, we decided to add a 3rd camper for hire in 2013. Bondi was purchased as a plain Blue panel van which, again, we spent the winter converting to a 4 birth camper with an elevating roof. Bondi has proved to be so popular that we have just finished Croyde’s refit transforming him to another 4 birth camper ready for the coming season.

These campers may seem small from the outside but don’t be fooled, everything you need is in the van and there is plenty of storage space for all your belongings. If we can manage it with a dog and 2 small children then you can too!! Visit our Testimonials page to see what some of our hirer’s have to say about our campers.

We have set these campers up so that all of the essentials are already loaded and so all you need to bring is a bag of clothes and a few groceries, everything including the kitchen sink is included!

We hope that by hiring out our vans, we can give others the opportunity to kick back, relax and explore our beautiful country in comfort and style.

Just fill out our online enquiry form here or email us at info@oxcampers.co.uk for more details.