We rented Croyde for a long weekend at the beach. It rained all weekend almost, and was very very windy, but we were very comfortable and cosy inside Croyde. Everything inside the van was in good working order, clean and well maintained. Having the DVD player was a real bonus due to the weather! Mark’s pre service was fantastic – he was helpful, informative, and friendly. He spent time with us ensuring that we understood how everything worked and encouraging us to call if there were any problems. We will definitely be renting from Mark in the future.

A & S Pratt

After first coming across Oxcamper vans at the Boneshaker (an off-road duathlon held in Arlington) in September 2012, we decided to find a running event to enter suitably far away from us so we had an excuse to hire one of their brilliant vans.

Forward to the beginning of May 2013 where we hired Croyde for a weekend in Yorkshire (testimonial – Campervans Are Even For Messy People.) We were so impressed we decided to hire Bondi for a weekend at the beginning of June to test drive a poptop van and see if we really wanted one of our own.

Fast forward again to the beginning of July. We had bought our base van and contacted Mark to talk to him about converting it into a fantastic camper. He listened to all our ideas, said yes to all of them and best of all he found some amazing brightly-coloured laminate to make the cupboards from and so Vandango was born.

Mark had Vandango for only 3 weeks and transformed him from a rather dull white lwb T5 into a blue and orange palace. His workmanship is superb and the inside of Vandango is magnificent. I should probably apologise to him now for my first reaction on seeing the inside, when he delivered the van back to us, was to give him a huge hug…sorry Mark!!

Thank you so much,

Click here to see the photos of the conversion and one of Monty looking very proud of his travelling home

Ann, Ash & Monty the dog

We have just had our T4 conversion completed by Mark at Oxcampers and we couldn’t be happier with the result. Mark was an enormous help in advising us on the most suitable layout for our needs and as a bonus was able to show a couple of examples in the flesh! His selection of sample finishes gave us a real feel for how the van would look making me confident I’d made the right decisions before completion. Whilst his attention to detail was exceptional, it was the way that he kept us up to date with the progress that really impressed. The occasional emailed photo kept me informed not to mention excited! Marks passion for what he does is clear in the quality of the finished product and I can honestly say that I would not hesitate to recommend Oxcampers to anyone looking for a conversion.

Click here to see the photos of the conversion


Dear OXCampers

Thank you for the chance to experience a campervan weekend. We had a wonderful time finding all the handy storage spaces in Bondi, and settled in in no time. Despite horrible weather we were warm and dry and so pleased to return to Bondi each evening, switch on the lights and get cosy. 3 blondes in a Campervan may be the title for a comedy of errors sketch however it was far from it! From the Labrador snoring at night and happy campers with a warm cup of Nespresso coffee each morning it was a huge success.

Many thanks & best wishes


I was recommended Marks services as I was interested in converting a VW van into a camper. Mark was able to offer in advice on the benefits of a T5 or T4 as I use the van on a daily basis for work and as a promotional vehicle. I think it has to be highlighted that Mark’s knowledge of all VW’s is excellent due to the fact he is a VW trained mechanic. This gave me extra confidence when Mark did the lowering, fitting of the wheels and windows.

So we have had a summer of great trips away enjoying the brilliant weather that Britain has experienced this year. As a marketing tool for the business at events it steals the show every time. A lot of the time people are more interested in the van itself!

As a camper, it is very well laid out and Mark was able to offer a number of variations on materials and finishes for the units and floor and could give us real life experiences of how they would work and work in the van. Small details like in cabinet lights, the way one cupboard opens when the bed is out so we can get stuff out to make a cup of coffee in the morning mean that Mark really knows what he is doing.

As a craftsman Mark is second to none! I would say this is the best compliment he could hear but most people’s comments are “that must of cost a fortune as you have brought a brand new camper from VW”. That is probably the best way to describe his work, individual to your needs but workmanship to a level that it looks completely original.

So to sum up; I would not trust anyone else if and when I get another camper converted and if you have a business and go to events, a campervan is one of, if not the best marketing tool I have invested in because of their cult following people remember them.

Click here to see the photos of the conversion

Adam Dobson

We hired Croyde to visit the End of the Road Festival. It was a revolution in the world of festivals! The camper was perfect-everything you could think of had been provided. The bed was extra comfy and roomy and all the features were v welcome. Our only problem is deciding where we are going to go next!

Jen Wylie

We took Croyde to Leeds Festival, he was immaculate when we picked him up and kitted out to a VERY high standard. Mark, his owner had thought of everything and included all the little things we’d forgotten!

Mark was so easy going and friendly, an absolute pleasure to deal with.

Inside, Croyde is spacious and comfortable. I didn’t want to get out of bed!! Everything we needed for cooking was provided and having two gas rings was really useful. The furnishings were stylish, clean and new and people commented on how lovely he looked.

I found Croyde easy to drive and enjoyed having the ipod connector so we could listen to our music as well as the radio. Croyde’s got a great sound system which makes all the difference! There was loads of space for all our gear so we had plenty of room whether we were travelling or camping.

I would recommend Croyde to anyone and can’t wait until our next trip.

Croyde’s certainly given us the Camper-Bug.

Jen Hooper

Not knowing Wantage we thought we had made a wrong turn among the streets of houses, that is until we saw all 3 of the Oxcampers vans gleaming in the sunshine and looking magnificent. We had already seen the pictures ofBondi but he looked even better in person. Mark was extremely welcoming and the pickup process could not have been simpler  compared to our Cruise America experience (2 hours of queues and hassle) it was a breeze, in fact compared to any other rental experience it was a breeze. Within 20 minutes, most of which was spent chatting and loading our stuff, we were on our merry way to the Cornbury Festival about an hour away. Not being avid festival goers having the van was great as we had somewhere comfortable to sit and to sleep off hangovers without having to worry about how safe our gear was in a tent and without melting as soon as the sun came up.

We then took the van down to Cornwall for a week and it performed equally well on the A and B roads as it did on the motorway and the driving experience was not in the least bit stressful, and once used to the van it was no more challenging than driving any car. We even managed to manoeuvre around Mousehole (for those that have not had that experience would be nerve wracking in a Fiat 500) without too much difficulty and with the assistance of a few friendly locals watching out for plant pots and pedestrians toes!

Quick word on Bondi, we loved the pop up roof as it gave us an extra sleeping berth which came in handy when Amy developed a cold and wanted more space I popped up top and had a comfortable nights sleep free of tissues and coughing! The pop up was also great as it meant I could stand up fully to get dressed (I am 6ft2 and had acres of room) and I am not sure I would go for a van without a pop up now but that is just personal preference. We completely fell for Bondi and he is now the base model from which we are planning our own conversion!

For anyone who loves camping but hates the hassle of tent camping (not to mention having to lie down to put on your trousers and the constant buzz of zips opening and closing) I would strongly recommend trying a camper trip and I would 100% recommend using Mark and OxCampers as the experience was free from hassle, affordable and Mark is such a nice bloke its like borrowing from a friend rather than renting from a faceless company. I would be happy to provide a reference if you are still unsure, Mark has my number and I am happy for him to pass it on to any prospective campers.

Fraser and Amy (Scotland)

When my youngest suggested going away in a camper I booked Bondi. It was just the 2 of us. The van (which seemed small) managed to fit in all of our stuff and still had plenty of space spare. This was our first camper experience and we enjoyed it so much we would book one again. It was really cosy in the rain too. I’ve already been recommending Bondi to others, just hope it’s available for us to use next time 🙂

Alexandra & Edward

We hired Fistral for a week at the start of July during the most fantastic weather and we had a lovely time in the Lake District followed by a weekend in Dorset with friends and family. Everyone who saw the van was impressed with how good it looked. We found it really comfortable and all the things included were really helpful  all the little things that you would forget to take with you such as salt and pepper, a pack of cards and washing-up supplies.

Unfortunately on the first night of having the van we somehow managed to lose the keys, this was immensely stressful and despite retracing our steps several times (we had only ventured by foot to a couple of places within 500m of the campsite!) we were unable to find them. Mark was incredibly understanding of our stupidity (!) and arranged for someone to get us into the campervan so we would at least be able to sleep in there overnight. He then arranged for the spare keys to be sent to us within 24 hours which meant that our plans didnt even have to change.

Despite this stress, we soon forgot about it when we were back on the road exploring the lakes, and we even got engaged on our trip. With that, and the incredible weather England was experiencing, our holiday is one of the most memorable and brilliant we have had, and Fistral was definitely a big part of why we had such a great time. We are looking forward to our next trip (maybe our honeymoon.!).

Sarah & Simon